Are You Being Financially Abused Or Are You the Abuser

We have all heard the saying, “It is easy to make a buck. It is a lot tougher to make a difference.” Tom Brokaw. The goal is to share information that makes a difference in the lives of people who want to make changes financially. With that said, your financial psychology is how you thinkContinue reading “Are You Being Financially Abused Or Are You the Abuser”

Credit 911: Don’t Count Yourself Out Before You Count Yourself In

Everyone needs a Credit 911 every now and then. In the words of Helen Keller, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.” There are only a few things that are guaranteed to make anyone’s life harder. TheContinue reading “Credit 911: Don’t Count Yourself Out Before You Count Yourself In”

Four Night Luxury Cruise Giveaway

The Financial Confidence Podcast host, Lynn Demmons, invites you to register to win the 4 Night Luxury Cruise Getaway. The cruise is valid for a reservation registration validation form offering two adults 21 years of age or older a 4 night Cruise aboard one of these popular cruise lines: Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, NorwegianContinue reading “Four Night Luxury Cruise Giveaway”

Making It Happen with Kearn Cherry

Kearn Cherry is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur, author and collaborator. She is the owner of PRN Home Care which is 23 years old. She’s vested over 30 years in the healthcare field and holds a degree in Occupational Therapy. Mrs. Cherry often speaks on “Create Your Own Event”, “Turning Connections into Major Collaborations”, “Create YourContinue reading “Making It Happen with Kearn Cherry”

Manifesting Your Millions with Beverly Walthour

As the premier Business Strategist to female coaches & consultants, Beverly is here to help you create more INCOME & IMPACT without compromising your Christian Values. Before I became a biz coach, She was a Math teacher for 14 years. She started her 1st business in 2007. Walthour’s extensive experience as an educator and entrepreneurContinue reading “Manifesting Your Millions with Beverly Walthour”

Get Ready with Lynn Demmons: Financial Confidence

January 22, 2021 by Tony Steuer “The #1 key take-away is to invest, to invest in yourself, to invest in whatever is the vehicle for you, investing in the stock market, investing in real estate, investing in life insurance – yes, that is an investment –  invest in you, so that you are educated and you are nowContinue reading “Get Ready with Lynn Demmons: Financial Confidence”

The Financial Confidence Podcast

Financial Confidence with WYTV7 Christian Broadcasters. This series facilitates the learning process for those committed to being financially literate in both business and personal finances. The guiding principle of the broadcast is Mathew 6:33.*What is Financial Confidence?* In a nutshell the show aims to disrupt social constructs and systems of thinking through storytelling. I’m fascinatedContinue reading “The Financial Confidence Podcast”