Manifesting Your Millions with Beverly Walthour

As the premier Business Strategist to female coaches & consultants, Beverly is here to help you create more INCOME & IMPACT without compromising your Christian Values. Before I became a biz coach, She was a Math teacher for 14 years. She started her 1st business in 2007. Walthour’s extensive experience as an educator and entrepreneur has allowed me to develop the unique gift of providing clarity to my clients. She is able to help demystify the path to success with simple steps.

Even though Walthour loved being an educator, she knew she was being called to something else. Suddenly, she lost the red hot passion she had for the classroom sooner than she thought she would. It was time to move on, but a sneaky little monster called “Fear” made her cling to the “security” of her job in a tanking economy. So, if you’re at a crossroads right now and are feeling called to make a massive shift, know that it WILL be challenge you. But, it will also CHANGE you.

Manifesting Your Millions Sneak Peek

Listen to the full episode of the podcast here: Manifesting Your Millions with Beverly Walthour

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